The project for installation of Flight Inspection System onboard laboratory aircraft of Aerocontrol branch completed

In October, the check flights of Piaggio P180 Avanti II laboratory aircraft with the Flight Inspection System developed by NITA were successfully completed.

During the flight tests, the system was highly evaluated by the flight crew and flight engineers-operators of the Aerocontrol branch of the State ATM Corporation.

The Automated Flight Inspection System (AFIS) is an advanced multipurpose system designed for light turboprop aircraft such as Piaggio Avanti II P-180 and Beechcraft King Air 350i, and provides flight verification of all types of ground-based radio aids at all stages of operation.

The delivery and commissioning of the AFIS had to be completed ahead of the contract schedule due to high overload of the Aerocontrol branch with flight tests. Despite the tight deadlines NITA specialists coped with the task at high professional level that allowed the branch to continue flight tests of the radio aids without changes of the annual plan.

Delivery of the Flight Inspection System to the State ATM Corporation offers NITA a challenge of opening up a new line of business – development and delivery of Automated Flight Inspection Systems.