ALPHA ATC System is the high-tech universal system providing air traffic situation, weather and aeronautical data receipt, processing, integration and display at ATC staff automated workstations.


The system functionality enables ATC staff to get comprehensive situational awareness picture and to make prompt decisions under high air traffic intensity conditions

  • Receipt, processing and display of surveillance air traffic situation data
  • FDP data receipt and distribution to sectors
  • FDP data display in form of various types of lists depending on flight stage (electronic data interchange in non-radar control)
  • Weather data receipt and displaying
  • Multi-window integrated user-friendly interface
  • 4D trajectory calculation using BADA data and considering meteorological conditions
  • Safety Nets
  • Decision support functions
  • Automation functions for TWR
  • Automated ATC handover/takeover between sectors
  • Voiceless (OLDI, AIDC) interaction between ATC centres
  • Controller-pilot data link communications (CPDLC) interface
  • Optional service functions (notebook, purpose-designed calculator, notification on events on a preset time basis, etc.)
  • Back-up surveillance data processing (by-pass)

ALPHA ATC system is used as the basic air traffic situation data processing and displaying subsystem within ATM automation systems of consolidated ATC centres. The largest configuration implemented comprises more than 160 workstations.