All the kinds of survey, design and other works for construction (technical upgrade, reconstruction, complete overhaul) of aviation related facilities.
Technological design development in execution of various scale projects from small aerodromes to consolidated ATC centres:

• Technological Design section of construction submittals;
• development of technical projects for equipping new and upgrading existing facilities;
• detailed design development
• designer supervision and customer support department services at project implementation.

NITA, LLC is the participant of Baltic Association of Engineering-Construction Designers, StroiPartner organisation of prospecting engineers and Association Construction Sector of Leningrad Region.


System integration services in the framework of comprehensive projects.
Supply of third parties’ navigation, communication, lighting, weather and other equipment along with own-produced basic equipment.

• Weather systems
• Lighting equipment
• Aeronautical telecommunications
• Radio navigation aids
• Power supply



Technical support of the operated equipment as part of warranty and post-warranty maintenance.
Various kinds of work can be performed depending on the customer tasks (reconstructive maintenance, enhancement, additional sources / data consumers connection, upgrading):

• hardware and components factory repair;
• on-call consulting;
• remote work analysis and equipment diagnostics using records / logs provided;
• forwarding configuration service packages to be installed by the operators’ staff;
• specialists on-site visits to perform diagnostics, special software setting, design improvement works under bulletins, hardware configuration extension;
• in certain circumstances scheduled preventive maintenance of operated equipment is provided.


Service package associated with airspace management designing in ATC system:

• air route network development
• traffic charts and routes construction for arriving and departing aircrafts
• airspace split into ATC sectors

The offered information support technique for airspace management design processes allows for reasonable arrangement of search processes and acceptable variant selection processes in airspace management with due account for ICAO and Eurocontrol recommendations.



The training centre has been established to render professional training services for engineering & technical staff as well as for NITA, LLC products users.
The company has further professional education service license No. 2308 dated 09.11.2016.  Upon the course completion professional development certificate is issued.
The training process includes the full range of laboratory and practical classes. It is shaped in compliance with requirements to professional education, according to customer wishes and the experts’ recommendations. The basic course syllabi provide for professional training in NITA, LLC products operating procedures and rules.
The training is conducted in the form of seminars providing opportunity to study and to acquire the practical skills using test-bench-equipment. The trainees are provided with teaching aids, multimedia and reference sources.
The key personnel of NITA, LLC is involved in workshops holding, namely, system developers who provide the latest and most accurate information on the special aspects of operation of the product latest versions.