AMetISt ATIS/VOLMET complex is D-ATIS/D-VOLMET class data broadcasting station designed to automate the process of airspace users provision with the latest updates on actual weather, aeronautical information and additional data for take-off and landing at an aerodrome, as well as to provide information on current weather conditions and weather forecasts for en-route and area alternate aerodromes.


Flight-information service is provided:

  • by ATIS and VOLMET broadcasts
  • by telephone link
  • in D-ATIS and D-VOLMET formats to transfer to the aircraft via data communications network

The possibility to select the broadcasting mode in English and in Russian is available:

  • in parallel and simultaneously over separate channels
  • in succession over one channel

Broadcast change can occur:

  • after close-down of broadcast full cycle
  • at broadcast interruption

Encoded and clear text of broadcast in Russian and in English is displayed at the operator’s workstation to monitor the broadcasted data.

Voice summary reports generation by means of speech synthesizer in Russian and in English is implemented in AMetISt ATIS/VOLMET complex providing users possibility to develop sound record glossary by themselves and preventing potential mistakes at broadcasting. Phonograms recording function using speaker voice is available.