CONSULTANT Reference System

CONSULTANT Reference System is the multi-purpose and high-tech complex designed to provide current reference information for airmen as well as to build corporate and individual reference bases.


The following data types are introduced in the system:

  • documents (text and graphic data in PDF and HTML formats entry, editing, storage, search, displaying and printing)
  • tables (text and graphic data in table form entry, editing, storage, search, displaying, filtration and printing)
  • weather (displaying current weather data received from meteorological services provider or from ATC system)

The following types of data displaying are available:

  • window on basic or supplementary monitor
  • at dedicated automated WKS
  • VITRAZH — displaying preconfigured data set at dedicated monitor with an option to make amendments as necessary
  • AIR ENGLISH Standard guide to standard aviation English phraseology

The system architecture provides an opportunity to add new modules thereby extending system functionality as well as allows for integration with existing data bases and generation of unified electronic libraries.

The Employee Electronic Notebook functionality can be implemented optionally based on CONSULTANT Reference System to automate storage and processing of data on company ATC, radio communication and technical staff number, qualification, valid access permits etc.