EXPERT ATC Simulator

EXPERT ATC Simulator is designed for initial training and retraining as related to radar, non-radar and visual control, to maintain controller professional skills and to work-out abnormal and emergency procedures, to research controller’s operating procedures in case of airspace structure change or introduction of new ATC operation techniques.


The simulator consists of two modules:

  • Radar Simulator providing imitation of air traffic situation in the area of any degree of complexity, any length and under any air traffic intensity conditions (user interface of controller workstation is just the same as that of the real ATC system produced by NITA, LLC)
  • Tower ATC simulator comprising 3D visualization projection system for terminal area and adjacent territory (the solution based on high-resolution broadside panels is available)

The simulator includes instructor automated workstation, pseudo-pilot workstation and exercise preparation workstation. All the workstations of the simulator are equipped with console equipment and VCS.

About 100 aircraft and helicopter visual models of various types with international and local airlines livery, various models of ground vehicles, people and animals are used in the simulator. Summer and winter, day and night, snow and wind, fog and thunderstorm, cloud cover of various types and intensity are simulated to provide realistic visual working environment of tower controller.

In the course of training the recording is effected enabling exercises playback in time with voice over communication system. Therewith playback stop, fast forward and rewind capability is provided which allows for monitoring and analysis of training and practices process.

EXPERT ATC Simulator provides possibility:

  • to perform training at ACC, APP, TWR
  • to set and configure simulator for any type of CTA and TMA considering ICAO and Russian standards
  • to generate training scenarios at any level of complexity and any weather
  • to simulate emergency situations at all stages of flight
  • to perform training in radar control, non-radar control, flight plan data use
  • to display simulated air traffic situation with due account for types and characteristic of radar aids used in an ATC area at the radar controller’s workstations
  • to display data at workstations in compliance with Eurocontrol requirements (EATCHIP PHASE III HMI, EUROCONTROL ODID IV)
  • to simulate various weather conditions, various air picture and ground situation in the course of training;
  • to generate fault situations for radars, navigation aids and airborne equipment and to simulate emergencies during training
  • to record and display exercises

Visual environment simulation module can be integrated into simulator to provide dynamic synthesis and to display coloured picture of external space observed from controller workstation accompanied by sound effects in Tower and ground controllers training.