Full-flight L-410 Simulator

L-410 UVP-E20 Aircraft Simulator with Н-80-200 engines is designed to train skills in piloting, navigation and airborne systems and equipment operation.

FFS correspond to ICAO requirements on qualification level 5 simulators as to aircraft performance data simulation accuracy (ICAO Doc. 9625-AN/938, third edition).

The simulator is designed for:

  • training students of state civil aviation educational institutions in Aircraft Flight Operation discipline
  • drilling according to retraining and quarterly practices programs for pilots and instructors

The simulator provides standard values for aircraft performance data simulation accuracy specified for level B simulator according to document “Flight simulator worthiness to train air transport personnel – 98” (NGAT-98) (exclusive of motion system).

Qualification assessment of the simulator using QTG was performed by Aviation Certification Body of State Research Institute of Civil Aviation.


  • cockpit
  • instructor and examiner workstation in the cockpit
  • 7-channel Control Loading System
  • 5-channel projector visualization system with collimation effect, 210˚horizontal angle and 40˚vertical angle
  • digital computing system
  • technical monitoring and control workstation
  • video surveillance, power supply, fire protection and air conditioning systems