GRANIT Recorder

GRANIT Recorder is designed for continuous recording of voice, radar, direction funding, FDP, weather data, controller actions, video flows from IP-cameras and workstation screens. It enables to provide for live monitoring in ATC system at civil aviation sites and other entities.


The hallmark of GRANIT Recorder is the capability of simultaneous playback of all the data received from selected sources in coupled mode at one workstation with reference to a single timescale. The source is selected by required parameters depending on the tasks to be settled. It enables operator to find out appropriate information quickly and playback it.

GRANIT Recorder provides for:

  • Recording of various types of data:
  • voice data via digital and analogue communication channels
  • VoIP data
  • surveillance data (PSR, SSR, MLAT, ADS)
  • direction finding data
  • ATC system data (FDP, weather, controller actions, logs of potential conflicts/ conflicts and other events, technical control and monitoring)
  • data from video surveillance IP-cameras
  • workstation screen images
  • 100% backup for hardware with simultaneous recording to both sets
  • Data storage for the monitoring period (30 days minimum) at internal drives and removable storage devices
  • Collection of fragments for the preset period and export to external drives
  • Data export to standard audio- and video-formats (WAW, AVI etc.)

The product architecture provides for the possibility to arrange complexes of any level depending on the tasks settled from small (up to 8 voice channels) to large projects (1000 and more data flows of various types).