LADOGA Data Distribution System

LADOGA Data Distribution System is designed for acquisition, processing and transmission of data from radars, direction finders and transceivers via communication lines to ATC centres, as well as for data exchange between ATC centres.


LADOGA Data Distribution System modification — Information Server (LADOGA-IS) is the node of wide-area data distribution network including:

  • surveillance data (Radar, MLAT, ADS) and the sources diagnostics information
  • direction finding, FDP and weather data
  • voice and awareness (ground and airborne communications) information
  • AFTN/AMHS messages

LADOGA Data Distribution System functionality with regard to digital radar data processing:

  • trajectory processing of radar data for each source (channel) with capability to promptly output plot and /or track data;
  • multi-radar (multi-sensor) position data processing at restrictions on potential aircraft flight dynamics.

The system provides both data output to local ATC systems and data transmission to remote centres as well as integration of spaced apart systems.