MEGAPHONE VCSS is the high-tech voice communication system designed to arrange loudspeaker and telephone communication as well as to control air-ground and ground-ground radio communication.



· control of radio communication between flight crews and ground-based objects
· fast-response speakerphone communication between control centers, technical and other services of ATC centers and airports
· fast-response speakerphone communication with remote sites and adjacent controller center on intercity channels
· telephone communication
· interaction with adjacent systems on analog and digital interfaces
· service functions of telephone and radio communication
· operation as a node of united regional or national communication network
· workstation equipment for desk or embedded placement

The system delivery may include full-function workstations with touch-screens or simple version for small configurations.

The VCSS is recommended by the Ministry of Transportation of Russian Federation for civil aviation companies, and is certified by the Interstate Aviation Committee.

MEGAPHONE systems service in more than 80 ATC Centers and airports.

MEGAPHONE is included in ALPHA ATM system and SINTEZ system as voice communication subsystem.
It is used for fast-response voice communication in ATC centers and civil aviation airports.

There are versions of the system designed for modular and mobile Towers, and full ATC simulators.

The system is useful for ATC Centers and airports; applicable in air traffic controller services, control and monitoring centers etc., where multiple communication and control facilities are used.


· Workstations (desk and embedded) equipment
· Interfacing equipment
· Technical control and monitoring system
· Intrasystem communication lines

The workstations provide users with developed interface for communication control.

The interfacing equipment is designed for interaction with external telephone and communication networks.

The technical control and monitoring system enables implementation of configuration and continuous monitoring of the voice communication switching system and operation record-keeping.


· simplex and duplex communication between users, selective, group nonselective calls, conference mode
· access to all users or radio channels from any workstation
· telephone connection using subscriber address key or by dialing a number
· waiting, intrusion modes
· redirection of all incoming calls to another workstation
· incoming calls queue with the possibility of selective answering
· simultaneous transmission on several channels operating in “control” mode
· integrated radio, speakerphone and telephone communication control at one touch-screen
· possible arrangement of separate radio and speakerphone (telephone) communication systems
· desk microphone and loudspeakers or push-to-talk button at user’s discretion
· separate loudspeakers for radio communication and speakerphones
· volume may be selected individually for every channel when mixing several radio stations at one speakerphone or headphone
· displaying selected radio channels and signal availability at every loudspeaker
· easy configurability
· workstation equipment may be duplicated
· back up for some functions of touch-screen by usual keys
· analog and digital recording
· integration of several systems into a single unit