Mobile tower

Mobile Tower is designed for fast deployment of temporary aerodromes, landing pads and other objects.


Requirements to additional load at multiple transportations, to temperature fluctuations, to fast deployment and stowing are taken into account in Mobile Tower design and equipment.

Various colours and marking may be provided on customer demand.


  • Workstation console equipment
  • Control and airport internal communications
  • Air-ground and ground-ground communication equipment
  • Antenna-masts
  • Weather system (weather station)
  • Habitation equipment
  • Air conditioning system
  • Electrical equipment
  • Mounting racks
  • Temporary ground
  • Obstruction lights
  • Tools and accessories

Additionally Mobile Tower may be provided with:

  • Surveillance (display) system equipment
  • Voice recording system
  • ADS equipment
  • Semitrailer, trailer and special-purpose vehicle chassis
  • Lifting mechanism
  • Diesel generator unit