ORBITA GBAS Station is the ground-based functional augmentation to GNSS GLONASS and GPS being a part of aerodrome radio communication equipment and used as a source of differential data to provide for ICAO category I final approach manoeuvring, approach and landing of aircrafts.


The station provides:

  • Observed GNSS GPS and GLONASS satellites integrity monitoring:
  1. Satellite SQM
  2. Satellite signal strength control
  3. Monitoring of transmitted navigation data (satellite clock malfunction detection using MQM algorithm, ephemeris errors detection)
  • Abnormal ionospheric conditions detection
  • Generation of differential corrections including GPS and GLONASS satellites integrity data
  • GNSS GPS and GLONASS operational capability forecasting
  • Transmission of differential corrections, data about GBAS, FAS data, GNSS operational capability forecast over VDB radio link
  • VDB radio line diagnostics (using monitor receiver) and automatic redundancy
  • Informing controllers on the possibility to perform final approach manoeuvring and precision approach procedures by means of GNSS
  • Technical control and monitoring:
  1. Testing measurements for multipath effect, noise impact and phase measurement jumps
  2. Diagnostics of reference receivers and other equipment failure