PLANETA Flight Data Processing System

PLANETA FDPS is the modern system providing generation of common information space, automation functions of strategic, pre-tactic and tactical airspace exploitation planning in ATC centres, aerodrome and airport systems.


PLANETA FDP system is the first Russian certified system for automated flight data processing as well as for AFM and ATC support.

The system performs:

  • 4D flight routes calculation based on incoming flight plans data and messages on aircraft movement
  • Air traffic services flight plans (pre-tactic and tactical) analysis to determine possible conflicts with ASM restrictions, generation and issuing messages on predicted conflicts with ASM restrictions
  • Pre-tactic and tactical flight planning analysis for possible overload, generation and issuing messages on anticipated overloads
  • ATC units capacity (standard capacity) data entry, storage and management

The system allows for processing of at least 10 000 plans a day.

The system integration with the equipment of airport reference systems within A-CDM concept provides an opportunity to increase mutual situational awareness of ATC units, airport operators, ground service providers and airlines. It also allows for informing personnel of all the airport services and passengers in a promptly and reliable manner and ensures data identity at electronic boards.