PULSAR Airborne Transponder

PULSAR ADS-B Airborne Transponder is designed to arrange automatic dependent surveillance-broadcast (ADS-B) over aircrafts and other mobile objects based on VDL mode 4 in accordance with ICAO standard (DOC 9816 AN/448).


The station provides:

  • data receipt and transmission in accordance with ICAO DOC 9816 AN/448
  • transmission of own position data and acquisition of data on position of other objects fitted out with ADS-B mode 4 equipment
  • capability to receive weather data and other flight information (FIS-B function)
  • capability to receive surveillance data on objects unequipped with ADS-B tools (TIS-B function)
  • capability to receive data from GBAS
  • capability to arrange pilot-controller communication via data link (CPDLC function)
  • support of interfacing with ARINC-429 airborne equipment

Product versions:

  • PULSAR Airborne Transponder
  • PULSAR-M Mobile Radio Station
  • PULSAR-RM Portable Radio Station