PULSAR-N Ground-Based VDL Mode 4 Station

PULSAR-N Ground-Based VDL Mode 4 Station is designed to arrange automatic dependent surveillance-broadcast (ADS-B) over aircrafts and other mobile objects based on VDL mode 4 in accordance with ICAO standard (DOC 9816 AN/448).


The station provides:

  • reception of data on position of objects fitted out with ADS-B mode 4 equipment
  • generation and issuing data in ASTERIX format to consumers
  • transmission of weather data and other flight information (FIS-B function)
  • capability to transmit surveillance data on objects unequipped with ADS-B tools (TIS-B function)
  • receipt and rebroadcast of differential corrections with data about integrity from ground-based augmentation system (GBAS) through GNSS satellites
  • capability to arrange pilot-controller communication via data link (CPDLC function)
  • data exchange with other ground-based stations via communication lines;
  • monitoring of data integrity of surveillance navigation GPS/GLONASS satellites (optional)

Product versions:

  • PULSAR-N Ground-Based VDL Mode 4 Station
  • PULSAR-K Shipboard VDL Mode 4 Station