RADIAN Radar and Communication Channel Monitoring System

RADIAN Radar and Communication Channel Monitoring System is designed to control radar data sources and communication channels quality, and to check them for compliance with current requirements.


Monitored parameters:

  • of surveillance data sources
  • of communication channels

The system provides for:

  • Collection, processing and presentation of results of radar aids flight reviews (full, exception, verification and monthly reviews) at a designated aircraft and/or airliners
  • Monthly verifications of radar aids readiness for ATC support
  • Technical staff reporting on radar aids malfunctions
  • Communication lines operability monitoring and operator warning in case of failure
  • Recording and storage of current surveillance data for the preset period
  • Calculation of probabilistic and accuracy characteristics of the monitored surveillance aids

Information reception from radars (SRE, SSR including S mode), ADS-B stations, MLAT via RS-232 asynchronous and/or synchronous interface, via Ethernet (UDP), over ASTERIX protocols and other formal surveillance data transfer protocols.