SFERA Data Protection Software

SFERA Data Protection Software is meant to prevent unauthorized access to the information stored in and processed by automated ATC systems. The software is certified by Federal Service for Technical and Export Control to be in conformance with requirements of “Computing Facilities. Preventing Unauthorized Access to Data. Data Protection Criterion” guidance document.

The software provides for class 4 data protection when operating under Windows OS and class 5 data protection when operating under Linux OS


The software provides for:

  • Identification, authentication and access control to system and its components
  • Data flow management
  • Processes recording and logging
  • Media recordkeeping
  • Cleaning (zeroing, impersonation) of disposed RAM areas of PCs and external drives
  • Attacks alarm
  • Software and processed data integrity maintaining
  • Data protection administrator (service) availability
  • Periodic testing of data protection facilities
  • Availability of data protection facilities recovery tools