SONAR ADS-B 1090 MHz Extended Squitter Ground Station

SONAR ADS-B 1090 MHz Extended Squitter Ground Station is designed to survey aircrafts and vehicles equipped with ADS-B 1090 ES squawks as well as for digital data processing and transmission of surveillance data to ATC centres.

SONAR ground-based station is the functional element for ADS-B networks. It complies with the requirements of European Commission under ED-129A and can be used as a data source for ADS-B 1090 ES to form wide area ADS systems (WAM) and multilateration systems for surveillance in aerodrome areas (MLAT)


The station provides:

  • receipt and processing of signals from 1090 ES airborne transponders
  • data generation and issuing to consumers in ASTERIX cat. 21 format
  • various processing stages data archiving and playback
  • observed GNSS GPS and GLONASS satellites integrity monitoring (optional)

ADS-B 1090 ES station network establishment at the regional area provides the coverage possibility for the flights surveillance area with high-frequency of updating and expanded volume of aircraft flight data in ground and oceanic sectors of the responsibility area.