ATC package supply project for a new-built “Gagarin” Aerodrome Tower of Saratov ATC Centre is successfully completed.

The technical flight to the new “Gagarin” Aerodrome was performed on 18 August 2019  The flight passengers were: the chairman of the State Duma of the Russian Federation Viacheslav Volodin, RF cabinet ministers, contracting entities directors, representatives of Federal State Unitary Enterprise “State ATM Corporation”. The aircraft arrival and landing support was provided by ATC / radio communication and technical staff of Saratov ATC Centre from Tower fitted out with modern ATC package. No complaints have been made as to the package operation.

On 20 August 2019 the new ATC centre and “Gagarin” Airport officially became operational for scheduled flights.

The ATC Package comprises: ALPHA ATC System for 16 automated workstations with servers enabling, inter alia, data exchange between adjacent ATC units over OLDI protocol; PLANETA-5 FDPS for 5 workstations; MEGAPHONE VCSS configured for 25 workstations and 66 interface modules (the alerting system is included for 14 subscribers as well as 4 sets of emergency radio communication means); GRANIT Recording System in configuration for 64 analog channels and video recording equipment with 14 IP-video cameras, 4 playback workstations (including WKS of heads of radio communication and technical / ATC services); AMetISt ATIS/VOLMET complex equipment; SFERA Information Protection Software. All the equipment of the package is allocated at 18 PULT-A Series consoles.

ATC centre staff training and retraining is provided by Radar module of EXPERT ATC Simulator. The simulator equipment functionality and hardware fully conforms to those of ATC Centre, including consoles and MEGAPHONE VCSS. The simulator provides high efficiency staff training.

The implementation of the new Tower equipping project has been great proficiency and efficiency test for NITA staff being performed in very tight deadlines by virtue of paramount importance of the site. However it didn’t preclude from high-level work performance in due time.