NITA, LLC has participated in the largest Russian exhibition in the field of national aviation infrastructure – NAIS 2020. The event annually draws together the first-rate suppliers of equipment for aviation industry, the professionals in the field of route networks upgrading, the representatives of airports, aerodromes, helicopter centres and airlines, public authorities. The exposition welcomed about 3,500 people over the 2 days, 125 companies from 14 countries have presented their products and technologies. The Chairman of the Foreign Affairs Committee of the Council of the Russian Federation Konstantin Kosachev, the Minister of Transport of the Russian Federation Evgenii Ditrikh, the Head of Rosaviatsiya Aleksandr Neradko, the member of Supervisory Council “Aviation Register of the Russian Federation” Boris Aleshin to mention but a few have visited the exhibition and the forum.

The developments meant for fast fitting out of aerodromes/heliports, helipads have been customarily exhibited at NITA booth. mobile ground control centre based on Volkswagen Crafter equipped with ATCO workstation and UAV control workstation, and Module Avia series of expansion modules developed to create pre-fabricated quick-mounted multi-purpose complexes.

For the first time ever NITA, LLC has presented at NAIS exhibition the new line of Tower controller console fitted with deck height variation device, enabling controllers to make individual settings for maximum comfort at their workplaces.

A lot of meetings were held at the stand of the company with representatives of FSUE “State ATM Corporation, OJSC “Concern VKO “Almaz-Antej”, Rosaviatsiya, airports and airlines, as well as with the other qualified prospects. The plans were shaped for further cooperation and partnership.