On 16 october, 2019 official ceremony of Novosibirsk ATC centre opening took place.

The high level of the event was determined by participation of Chair of the Government Dmitrii Medvedev in the ceremony who ordered to “start” during teleconference from Yekaterinburg ATC Centre. The following persons participated in the ceremony besides Dmitrii Medvedev: Deputy Chair of the Government of the Russian Federation Maksim Akimov, Minister of Transport Evgenii Ditrikh, the head of Rosaviatsiya Aleksandr Neradko, governor of the Svedrlovsk Region Evgenii Kuivashev, director general of FSUE “State ATM Corporation” Igor Moiseenko. On the part of Novosibirsk ATC Centre there were in attendance: deputy Minister of Transport and Road system Viacheslav Nevezhin, first deputy director general of FSUE “State ATM Corporation” Vladimir Gulchenko, director of “Western Siberia Air Navigation” branch Evgenii Ospishchev, director general of NITA, LLC Oleg Zykov, representatives of industry and other public officials.

After the event gala dinner took place in the consolidated centre during which the guests have congratulated management of the “Western Siberia Air Navigation” branch  and Novosibirsk Consolidated ATC Centre on completion of works on reconstruction and successful commissioning of new ATC Automated System. Congratulations and acknowledgements were said to NITA, LLC team which has flawlessly and brilliantly implemented one of the most ambitious and complex projects of the program “Uniform ATM System Upgrading in RF till 2020” .