Mobile runway supervisory unit supply project for “Aero navigation of Central Volga” branch is completed

The first sample of mobile runway supervisory unit (MRSU) performed based on Volkswagen Crafter latest model is transferred to customer – “Aero navigation of Central Volga” branch of FSUE “State ATM Corporation”.

The new MRSU is unique in its engineering and technology solutions which passed acid test at operation of mobile Ground Control Station (mGCS) during activities connected with UAV flights support. MGCS was more than once presented at the field-oriented exhibitions, was highly praised by experts and became basis for a new product.

MRSU is equipped with informant controller workstation, technical control and monitoring workstation and multi-purpose workstation which can be used to arrange additional positions, e.g. weather observer position.

MRSU basic equipment includes radio stations for control communication, intra-airport communication, voice and other data recording system, mobile weather station, antennas and mast equipment kit, lighting equipment, power generator.

Comfortable environment for work of the personnel will be provided with habitation facilities, including microwave oven, electric kettle and refrigerator.

All the equipment of the complex is efficiently arranged in the MRSU interior. The unique construction of workstations and operational area enables its use with minor adjustment to nearly any vehicles of the same class: minibuses, vans. The use in fixed-site premises with limited area including modular buildings is not excluded.

MRSU is another one effective solution of NITA, LLC enabling to support air traffic at small aerodromes, heliports and unfurnished sites in case of emergency, as well as servicing top public officials and VIP.