Equipment delivered to Utrenniy airport

The project of air traffic management system delivery to the Tower of Utrenniy airport (division of Sabetta international airport) has been successfully completed. The work was ordered by Arktic SPG2, LLC.

Utrenniy is a new airport in Tazovskiy district of Yamalo-Nenets Autonomous Okrug built by PAO NOVATEK under the program of large-scale Federal Project for the development of new territories of YNAO. The airport is intended for all-year transportation of rotation personnel to Utrennee field, and is designed to accomodate and service general aviation and medium-range aircraft. The airplane transportation is meant to replace helicopter flights at Sabetta-Utrenniy route that should significantly reduce dependence of air operations on weather factors, to increase safety of flights, and to optimize schedules of the project personnel.

The Tower equipment includes: 4 workstations of NORD Data Display System (including technical control and monitoring station), 2 workstations of PLANETA-5 flight data processing system (FDPS), GRANIT recorder in configuration for 32 voice and radar data recording channels, METRONOM precise timing system. The voice communication is arranged based on MEGAPHONE VCSS in configuration for 5 workstations and 18 interface modules. Information security is provided by means of SFERA Information Protection Software. The workstation equipment is arranged in two Tower controller consoles and 2 operator consoles.

Fitting out ATM sites at the oil and natural gas fields with up-to-date equipment is an important step to increase flight safety, logistics performance, and transport accessibility in such difficult area as Yamalo-Nenets AO.

For many years NITA has been successfully cooperating with the leading representatives of oil and gas industry such as NOVATEK. Today NITA products are operated at Sabetta, Bovanenkovo, Tobolsk, Kupol Aviavion Base sites.