Mobile Runway Supervisory Unit for North-West Air Navigation

NITA has commissioned three Mobile Runway Supervisory Units (MRSU) manufactured by the order of Almaz – Antey Air and Space Defence Corporation, JSC for North-West Air Navigation branch of the State ATM Corporation.

New MRSU is unique in design and technology solutions and corresponds to high requirements to mobile runway supervisory units for air navigation services of special air missions and flights of critical importance to unequipped helipads within the branch responsibility area.

The mobile units are produced basing on all-wheel drive vehicles Mercedes Benz Sprinter. The passenger compartment accommodates: information officer workstation equipped with command communication and weather display units, operator workstation for the system technical control and monitoring, habitation facilities for comfortable work of the personnel.  The hardware compartment accommodates: recording equipment rack, power supply system, batteries, stand-alone power plant, antenna-mast set, lighting equipment, Krams-4 mobile weather station, and other devices.

The delivery of three MRSUs to North-West Air Navigation is in the line of the company projects for mobile ATM/ATC solutions. For more than five years NITA has been developing a promising line for manufacturing mobile runway supervisory units, and the samples in operation have demonstrated high efficiency and reliability of servicing the flights of various aircraft from UAS to helicopters and airplanes.

MRSU is the most effective solution for servicing air traffic at small airfields, heliports and unequipped landing sites when servicing emergency situations, state top officials and VIPs.