Modular Tower delivered to Tobolsk airfield

A phase of the project for construction and equipping of landing site in Tobolsk has been completed. NITA took on the role of supplier of the equipment and the Tower based on Segment modules.

Commissioning of the landing site and the prospect of opening a new airport are aimed at transport accessibility improvement for the city which is positioned as one of the actively developing industrial and tourist centers of West Siberia. The construction stated in May 2019 to be finished in February 2020. This was one of the fastest projects to construct airport facilities from the ground up.

Today the work for the Tower and radio communication and navigation facilities has been completed; flight checks have been successfully carried out; and the first technical flight has been accepted. The testing to estimate the site readiness for commissioning has been completed.

The facility includes the modules of Segment series: a Tower of 180 degrees of glazing, two equipment rooms, weather module, and a module with kitchen and rest area. For the purpose of air traffic service the airfield facilities is provided with: Megaphone voice communication switching system; emergency radio communication system; radio stations; Planeta flight data processing system; and Granit data and voice recording system.

Installation and mounting of the modular Tower were carried out by NITA specialists in the shortest possible time and to a high standard confirmed by absence of comments from the customer. In the process of work a large set of approval and as-built documents was issued and agreed upon for all types of work. The documentation is drawn up in strict accordance with the construction standards of the Russian Federation and additional requirements of the customer.