The project of equipping Orsha airfield completed

The project of equipping Orsha airfield completed

NITA successfully completed the project to equip Orsha airfield (Republic of Belarus) with communication, recording systems, and precise timing system. The work was carried out under the partnership agreement with AGAT Control Systems JSC by order of Minsk National Airport Republic Unitary Enterprise.

The project of Orsha airfield reconstruction started in 2018 as a part of large development project for Orsha district of Vitebsk region that involved a whole range of works on the construction of logistics infrastructure and revitalization of adjacent territories.

The delivery by NITA included: MEGAPHONE VCSS in configuration for 6 workstations and 40 interface modules (including emergency alert system), and technical control and monitoring system; GRANIT-6 data recording and playback system in configuration for 32 analog channels and 32 digital channels with video recording for AGATA ATC system workplace displays, and playback workstation; METRONOM precise timing system to provide synchronization for AGATA ATC system, weather servers, and radio stations. The work included integration of MEGAPHONE VCSS with local automatic telephone exchange system via ISDN, interfacing with radio stations on VoIP, as well as interfacing with Schmid VCSS in Minsk on ATS-QSIG protocol.

The airfield reconstructed obtained ready for commissioning certificate in the beginning of November. Successful technical flight of Belavia Boeing 737-500 became the final stage of the certification procedure.

Now Orsha airfield is ready for full functioning to accommodate various types of aircraft, and may become a major cargo hub teaming up with the local industrial and logistics center.  This development is facilitated by convenient geographical location of the airport: Brest – Moscow international railway line passes through Orsha, and the intersection of Saint Petersburg – Odessa and Brest – Moscow Federal highways is located nearby; the airport is located near the border with Russian Federation.