One of the largest and most demanding projects of NITA, LLC, namely, reconstruction of process building and technical upgrade of Novosibirsk Consolidated ATC centre including supply of ATM automation system.

The project is implemented in accordance with the “Uniform ATM System Upgrading in RF till 2020” Subprogram . The general contractor is OJSC “Concern VKO “Almaz-Antej”.

Novosibirsk Consolidated ATC Centre is one of the busiest by number of serviced flights and by the area of controlled airspace. Its responsibility area is divided into 8 sectors of area control centre (ACC): this is the airspace over the Republic of Altai, Altai Krai, Novosibirsk, Kemerovo, Omsk and Tomsk regions.

The following kinds of work are performed in the framework of the building reconstruction: alterations to premises including arrangement of walls, floors, ceilings and fine finish; provision of utility systems at the site and their automation (air ventilation system, heating system, air-conditioning system, water-supply system and networks of sewerage, power supply, access control system, fire alarm system, video surveillance, carbon-dioxide system, smoke exhaust system and air pressure systems); neighbourhood improvement. The works were performed in the 2 454,6 m² area building and the structural volume reached 11 932,1 m³.

NITA, LLC has successfully coped with complicated construction and assembly works which performance was hindered by often process interruptions caused by various reasons.

On 30 May, 2019 the statement was received from Rostechnadzor of reconstructed capital facility compliance with technical guidelines, regulatory documents and project documentation.

Novosibirsk Consolidated ATC Centre is equipped with up-to-date basic equipment of ALPHA ATM Automation System comprising:

  • Air traffic control automation complex based on ALPHA ATC System including reference subsystem and technical control and monitoring means. The number of automated workstations (WKSs) in the main system is 35 for ACC and 14 for TCC. Redundancy circuit (by-pass) includes 27 WKSs.
  • Voice communication switching system based on MEGAPHONE VCSS including technical control and monitoring means, main VCSS and emergency radio communication VCSS Total capacity of the main VCSS is 190 interface modules. 82 radio stations have been configured for two-way radio communication between controllers and aircraft crews. VCSS meant for emergency radio communication provides operation with 30 remote radio stations. The main VCSS includes 35 sets of ACC workstation equipment and 10 sets of TCC workstation equipment. Emergency radio communication comprises 15 sets of workstation equipment and 6 sets of console equipment for emergency radio communication.
    ACC and TCC are operating as a single segment of the main VCSS. Interaction with FDP segment and with the existing VCSS is provided using data exchange gateway.
  • Recording system based on GRANIT Recorder. The subsystem is designed for recording and playback of 192 analog and 192 digital voice channels, 26 radar, 9 direction-finding sources, data received from 30 IP-video-cameras and 60 workstation screens.
  • Universal time system based on METRONOM Precise Timing System.
  • Console equipment complex based on multi-purpose consoles of PULT-A series.
  • Information protection system
  • Uninterruptible power supply equipment.
  • Auxiliary equipment for technical means complex of TCC and the equipment designed to  increase functionality:
    –  power distribution unit, consumers protection unit, additional diagnostics and power supply control unit,
    –  KVM to provide switch-over between the main system and by-pass mode at the ATCO workstations,
    –  additional reference data workstations in VITRAZH version enabling to abandon  paper based information presentation at ATCO workstations.

 ATM Automation System comprised also previously installed:

  • PLANETA-5 Flight Data Processing System of zone/ consolidated ATC centre, including means of ATCO training, technical control and monitoring.
  • EXPERT ATC Simulator
  • Equipment of Test Module.

The computing system of ATM automation system processes data received from:

  • 26 radars,
  • 9 direction finders,
  • 2 sources of weather data (Automated information system “MeteoServer”, ATIS),
  • 1 MLAT,
  • 1 ADS-B
    The interaction with A-SMGCS (VEGA A-SMGCS CAF) is provided

Systems and subsystems architecture is realized based on “silent room” technology providing the absence of noise generated by operating equipment in working rooms.

The peculiarity of assembly and commissioning works was the allocation of ATM automation system in three process buildings of Novosibirsk ATC Centre: “ATM Automation System TWR Auxiliary building” (reconstructed site), “TWR Auxiliary building” and Aerodrome Control Tower-2.

In April 2019 acceptance testing of ATM automation system was carried out in Novosibirsk Consolidated ATC Centre in which framework the system was tested in its entirety including TCC segment and the installed additional equipment. The tests have been passed unconditionally and on 30 April the director general of FSUE “State ATM Corporation I. N. Moiseenko approved the statement confirming compliance of the system technical features and functionality, its readiness to be used for air-traffic services.

ALPHA ATM Automation System conforms to the highest automation level according to the international classification with the following functionality implemented:          4D trajectory calculation using BADA data and considering meteorological conditions, flight path forecasting and monitoring of its implementation, voiceless interaction with adjacent ATC sectors using OLDI and AIDC procedures, Safety Nets with CORA elements, MTCD and CPDLC.

The complete ATC centre staff training has been delivered with regard to ALPHA ATM Automation System operating procedures and rules.

The next stage of new ATM Automation system development for Novosibirsk Consolidated ATC Centre is performance testing. The commissioning and transfer to ATC using new system is scheduled for 2 September, 2019.