Site acceptance (factory) testing of equipment being the part of Tower complex of Krasnoselkup aerodrome has been successfully completed.

Since 29 to 31 May, 2019 NITA, LLC staff has presented complex of modular constructions of Module Avia series to the task team comprised of representatives of General Directorate and the “North Siberia Air Navigation”, including the head of Tarko-Sale ATC Centre.

Module Avia series is the new generation of special-purpose modular constructions developed by NITA, LLC Design Office and meant to design and manufacture aviation infrastructure objects on turn-key basis. The Tower Complex product is quickly erectable being manufactured at a high degree of readiness to be deployed on site. It is fitted-out with utility and basic equipment required for air-traffic control at aerodromes with small and medium air-traffic intensity.

The Tower Complex under the Krasnoselkup Project consists of 3 tiers: upper tier is the TWR room with panoramic windows with 180° visibility; the second and lower tiers house basic equipment, service and utility rooms.

The basic equipment of the complex, namely, PLANETA-5 Flight Data Processing System, GRANIT Recorder (32 channels), means of emergency radio communication based on MEGAPHONE VCSS, METRONOM Precise Timing system, SFERA Data Protection Software has been inspected in the framework of testing. All the basic equipment is installed at consoles of PULT-A series.

The testing has confirmed the compliance of Tower complex equipment with the requirements of Technical specification. The executed work has been highly appreciated by the committee.