Tower ATM system commissioned at Talakan airfield

The project of Air Traffic Management system delivery to the Tower of Talakan airfield has been successfully completed. The work was ordered by PAO Surgutneftegas.

Talakan is the first airport in Russia constructed completely at the cost of private investments with the purpose to service Talakanskoye oil and gas field (Yakutia). Surgutneftegas constructed new airport in record time of a year and a half in order to improve transport accessibility for the personnel, as well as to facilitate the logistics of large-sized equipment. The airport started to work officially in December, 2012.

The flights support was provided by the equipment produced by AO VNIIRA that today has come to the end of its service life. The specialists of Talakan airfield radio technical service, who had experience in operating equipment produced by different manufacturers, selected ATM system manufactured by our company to replace the outdated equipment. The ATM system installed includes:

  • ALPHA ATC system for 5 workstations to process radar data, direction finder data, and information from weather server;
  • PLANETA-5 Flight Data Processing System;
  • GRANIT data recording and playback system in configuration for 32 analog channels to record and playback radar, flight plan, direction-finding and weather information from ALPHA ATC system;
  • SFERA Information Protection Software.

During implementation of the project for equipping the Talakan Tower the company specialists solved quite a number of complex tasks considering “uncomfortable” location of the site: isolation from the city and its benefits, severity of the shift camp living conditions, the climate features of the region. However, the work was completed on time and at a high level.