Modular Tower delivery to landing site completed in Kalachinsk of Omsk Region

NITA,LLC has completed the project of modular Tower installation at the landing site for Lyapidevskiy Omsk Flight and Technical College of Civil Aviation.

The Tower was manufactured by order of North Siberia Air Navigation branch of the State ATM Corporation. The equipment is designed for aerodrome control services provided by Kalachinsk division of Omsk ATC center for training flights of the College trainees.  The Omsk College is the only secondary technical school in Russia training pilots and flight mechanics of helicopters.

The modular Tower for Kalachinsk was manufactured according to module construction technology using Modul Avia buildings developed by NITA. The technical solutions used made it possible to carry out construction and installation work at the installation site in the shortest possible time and with high quality.

In terms of design, the Tower is a set of modules arranged in three levels:

  • upper level houses Tower room with panoramic windows for 360° view,
  • service rooms, amenity space, and equipment rooms are located at the second and ground levels.

The main element of the Modul Avia building is a precast module equipped with required engineering systems and process equipment installed at the factory. A set of modules enables construction of buildings of any space and volume to implement various configurations. The design enables expandability to increase the area for office premises.

Room plans with the indication of partitions, stairs, windows, doors, and equipment layout, composition and availability of engineering systems are determined by technical specification and consider demands of a customer. Overall dimensions of the Modul Avia building packaged do not exceed permissible shipping dimensions to enable transportation by road, rail or sea. A set of modules of maximum operational readiness was sent to the operation site; during installation work it was required only to joint the structural elements together, to connect the communications, and to carry out the equipment commissioning.

New Tower is provided with the equipment of command and intrairport communications, Planeta-5 airspace management system, Megaphone voice communication switching system, Granit-6 recording and playback equipment, Sphera information protection hardware and software system, Metronom precise timing system, consoles of Pult-A series, and also a weather station and a diesel generator.

This is the third project to equip airfields/landing sites with modular buildings based of Modul Avia solution.