The project “Construction of Tower at Tyumen airport” completed

NITA completed the work for installation of ATM system and transfer of radiotechnical navigation equipment in Tyumen ATC center under the project “Construction of Tower at Tyumen airport”.

The equipment delivered included:

– Megaphone VCSS in configuration of 12 workstations and 51 interface modules extensible up to 72 (including emergency alert system for 12 subscribers, and 8 sets of emergency radio communication system);

– supplemental equipment for Granit-6 data recording and playback system (11 IP video cameras and recording remote control workstation);

– Sfera Information Protection Software;

– Metronom Precise Timing System;

– Pult-A consoles of 6th series;

– Tower module of EXPERT ATC Simulator;

– UPSs for servers of 100kVA, 30kVA, and 8kVA.

Besides, the project included process equipment transfer from the old Tower to new one. The equipment previously operated was installed in the process of equipping Tyumen Regional UATM Center, and includes Alpha-5 ATC System,  Paneta-5 Flight Data Processing and Airspace Management System, and Granit-6 Data Recording and Playback System. The transfer was carried out without interruption of the existing ATM procedures, and while maintaining required level of flight safety.

All equipment is arranged in 11 consoles of 6th series of upgraded design and a desk of adjustable height.

Efficient training and practices for ATC center personnel is provided by new Tower module of Expert-5 ATC Simulator, Megaphone VCSS, Consultant-2 hardware and software appliance arranged in modern consoles. Tower module is equipped with visual system of 210° and represents feasible visual situation at Tower, enables training of all process operations.  In terms of functionality and hardware the simulator equipment fully corresponds to the new Tower workstation equipment.

Despite the overall complexity of the project and the Tower equipping during continuous construction work the specialists of NITA company coped with the task perfectly once again confirming the high level of professional skills.