MRSU Installation Project Completed in Kalachinsk

A unique project of Mobile Runway Supervisory Unit (MRSU) delivery completed in Lyapidevskiy Omsk Flight and Technical College of Civil Aviation. The project is implemented by order of the West Siberia Air Navigation branch of the State ATM Corporation to ensure air traffic services by Kalachinsk division of Omsk ATM Center.

New MRSU may be used for air navigation services at any temporary airfield or pad where stationary unit is not required due to infrequent flights.

The Mobile Runway Supervisory Unit is a complex technical facility that comprises: a KAMAZ-based tractor truck, a special semitrailer with lifting device, an equipment module, and a Tower module.

The Tower module with panoramic windows of 360° is equipped with Tower controller console, Planeta-5 FDPS, Granit-6 Recording and Playback system, and with VHF radio communication. The module safety-related facilities for operation in top position include an anemometer for wind speed monitoring, and a bubble tilt indicator to check space attitude.

Independent (standby) power supply of the module is provided by diesel power plant of 24 kW placed in the equipment module together with the main distribution board, the storage racks for antenna feeder devices, a spare parts kit, and operational documentation.

The MRSU project with the use of semitrailer with lifting mechanism is a pilot design of modular traveling unit; looking for further development of promising trend.