Technical re-equipment of ATM system at Belgorod airfield

The project of Belgorod ATM center re-equipment has been completed. The project included delivery of hardware for ALPHA ATC system operating at the site including a server for OLDI data exchange. The server provides exchange with information of aircraft approaching the responsibility areas of adjacent centers. The software update to the latest version and hardware upgrade were provided for GRANIT recorder and EXPERT ATC simulator.

For the purpose of airspace management automation and data support for ATM system PLANETA-5 FDPS was installed in the center to provide among others generation, receipt, transmission, and storage of AFTN messages  in accordance with the Table of Traffic Messages (ТС-2013).

METRONOM precise timing system provides synchronization between ATM system and other consumers. The systems and units of the ATM system are protected against unauthorized access with the aid of SPHERA information protection system.

The ATM system re-equipment project resulted in the improvement of efficiency, safety, quality of airspace users service and in increasing traffic capacity of Belgorod airport responsibility area.   All systems and complexes are ready to work according to QNH standard that is one of the stages of preparation for the transition to the new airspace structure of Moscow area. Introduction of the QNH standard is intended to significantly improve safety of flights, and to minimise hazardous situations in air traffic of foreign-made passenger aircraft. In preparation for transition to the new airspace structure of Moscow area the airspace structure of Belgorod ATC responsibility area was updated, and an additional local control workstation was added instead of the approach workstation.

Also, as a result of improvements weather data handling has been optimized in the center including connection to weather data source (ATIS).